That Last Hanging Thread

Today I’m being very efficient. Ive gotten done my project research for this mobile application I’m designing and will later code out and develop. Ive returned some emails. Got semi social on Facebook and Google+. And I’m finishing up some final touches on this website I’m being paid to redesign. But most specifically I finally stopped being lazy and finished closing out my old blog.

My old blog was home to my various hobby art, home brew wallpapers, and nerdy artist social commentary. And it was a blast while it lasted. But I decided I didn’t want those opinions and art hanging around in a place that I don’t monitor on a regular basis. For example I had some less than savory opinions on various businesses and their practices. And if for what ever reason I ended up working for any of those parties, Id just as soon not for what ever reason, have that blog come back to bite me. You sort of get the idea. Its a reason why so many people lock down their Facebook profiles. Some things are better off not put to a name or a face.

And I happened to look over the email messages. The ones that littered and cluttered the inbox and pending comments. And certainly I watched and was aware of the traffic that went through my blog on a daily basis. Sometimes in the upwards of the 100’s. But I think of those that I hung out with on my last blog there are those that I will miss. So I decided to just remove the old posting and leave the account in tact. You never know. I might one day make a comeback and say hello in a comment or two. I might just do that tomorrow. Its hard to say.

Remember that just because someone never tells you they care, if your gone, you might just be missed a whole lot.